My name is Bogumił Szkopek. I am an independent financial expert, who always strives to maximalize Client’s benefit. I work in whole Great Poland, but not only there. I’ve been working in this trade for over a decade, completed many trainings, I’ve received several awards and honors, but my most important strong point is a positive response from my business partners.

My life’s passion is my wonderful wife and our beloved children. Professionaly I fulfil myself in helping obtaining credits and working with Clients. I’ve been improving these skills since my studies. In the later stages of my working life I had an opportunity to see the process of granting a credit from every possible side. Despite working in a few different workplaces, the most satisfying for me is direct customer service. I cordially invite you to cooperate with me. I will make every effort to make our cooperation fruitful.


If you have a dream, follow it. Be aware of the fact that risk is sometimes hard to predict, but remember – if you want a comfortable life, you’ll never know the taste of victory.




Complex individual Client service. Above all I offer mortgages and credits for buying a flat or a house, for building or renovating it, and also for repayment of finantial liabilities (consolidation loans). I also offer cash loans.

I facilitate acquiring financial resources for corporate customers for their current needs and investments. I help obtaining not only credit lines (working capital loans), but also investment credits, consolidation loans (for repayment of existing finantial liabilities), as well as leasings.

Would you like to insure your life and health? Or maybe you would like to insure your house, car or other property? I will be glad to help you in this area as well.



For me the Client is always the most important. It may sound like a cliche, but this is exactly how I work. With my attitude I try to prove that there are experts and Experts.

Through my help, and because of the fact that I represent my Clients, they save both their time and money.

I am willing to meet in any place: in Client’s house or work, or in my office.

My clients don’t pay for their comfort and safety. My services are entirely free.

I safely take my Client through the whole process of acquiring a credit. Starting with preparing for submitting an application and chosing the suitable bank and the suitable offer. I help with completing documents. Obviously it is me who submits an application on my Client’s behalf, and I am the one who takes care of a clear contact between the bank and Client. Some people say I fulfil the role of a translator. Next, I help definitively choose a bank, and even during this stage I strive to negotiate the best possible conditions for my Client. Finally, I accompany my Client on signing the contract, but this is not the end yet. I help with all other formalities as: getting documents from developer or other offices or institutions, signing notarial deed, tabling a motion for mortgage in court or filling the PCC-3 declaration.


Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.




  • Our goal was to acquire a credit for renovation of our flat. Mr. Bogumił helped us go through the whole, complicated credit process. He gave us professional advice, took care of all the formalities, and during the whole process he was always eager to explain every ambiguity or to help us complete the documents. We managed to acquire a credit on terms that we would probably never acquire if we were doing this by ourselves. Mr. Bogumił is a very recommendable Adviser.
  • Very professional service and fast settling of the matter. I didn’t have to worry about the formalities, and all comparative analyses of credit offers were off-the-shelf. If you consider taking a mortgage loan, I recommend working with mr. Bogumił.
  • Mr. Bogumił has been recommended to us by our close friend, who told us that he would not disappoint us. We were taking out a mortgage at the time. The amount of information was hard to comprehend for us, so we decided to ask mr. Bogumił for help. His advices and actions (he practically did all the paperwork for us) saved us from making many mistakes, and what’s most important, significantly hastened the decision about granting the loan. As a person mr. Bogumił is a very courteous and, what I believe is a very important character rtait, sincere man. To say colloquially, he doesn’t try to give you a loan just to earn some money. He is fully professional. I’ve called him late in the evening many times, and he was always eager to help me. We heartily recommend mr. Bogumił as a financial adviser. We certainly are going to make use of his services again.
    Kamila i Jacek
  • We heartily recommend financial adviser, mr. Bogumił Szkopek. When we were starting our adventure with loans, we had knew nothing about them. Mr. Bogumił gave us specific information about mortgages and cash credits, he checked our creditworthiness. During our cooperation (which lasted for three months), despite our changing ideas for the amount of money and credit conditions, mr. Bogumił always shared his knowledge and experience with us. During this time mr. Bogumił showed an uncommon involvement, helping us even on weekends. The final effect of working with him is our signed credit agreement on a very good conditions, precisely three weeks after submitting the application in bank. It is very worth using mr. Szkopek’s services. Although talking about finances is quite hard for many of us, our meetings with mr. Bogumił weren’t embarrasing at all. We are sure that mr. Szkopek has an individual, full of involvement approach to each of his clients.
    Dominika i Piotr
  • Mr. Bogumił helped us choose the best and most optimal mortgage loan offer. He presented us the possible solutions in a simple and comprehensible way. His help with formalities and in completing forms was also invaluable. On every single stage of the process of acquiring a credit we could count on his help, explanations, consulting, and what’s the most important, on his instant reaction.

If you owe the bank $100 that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem.




Are you looking for an optimal solution for yourself, your Client or business partner?

I am willing to help. I cordially invite you to cooperate with me.

+48 669 501 456


Biuro: Poznań ul. Langiewicza 4/4